We created the Bridges curriculum to make a real difference in the lives of children with autism. We love nothing more than seeing our students succeed and our curriculum being used by teachers, specialists and clinicians across the globe. Here are just some of the amazing things the people who have used our curriculum have said about Bridges.

Dr Judith Gould

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead Consultant at the Lorna Wing Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society UK

“The Bridges programme is innovative, well thought-through and has had excellent and extremely positive outcomes. I’ve met up with parent groups where children have benefitted from Bridges’ intervention. They are all so positive about the supportive style and involvement of both Catherine and Mary.”

Boy aged 14 years

“With the Bridges lessons, I now have a more positive attitude, self-confidence, self-discipline and better interaction with others.”

Eileen Hopkins

Executive Director of Ai-Media UK and member of the board. Eileen remains the Autism Consultant to The Shirley Foundation and is a member of the WHO expert consultative group.

“Bridges has gained a wide reputation for working for, and achieving, positive outcomes for children and adolescents with autism. The approach Mary and Catherine developed, building on children’s confidence and self-esteem, has enabled young people who use the
curriculum to achieve a quality of life not envisaged at the time of their diagnosis. It is exciting to think that this service will be available to so many more.”

Parent (Son)

“Your sessions have made a big difference to our son’s social development. We have always been impressed with the quality of your lessons, materials and advice. The sessions have helped our son by leaps and bounds. Thank you, Catherine and Mary, for journeying with our son and our family.”

Petra Conradie

Psychologist/Director, Neurodiversity Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

“A wonderful programme developed by such wonderful people! A truly specialised tool designed and delivered in a manner that is most accessible to individuals with social challenges. Highly recommended!”

Mrs Leong Geok Hoon

Former President, Autism Resource Centre, Singapore

“Almost 15 years ago, two speech therapists rallied their colleagues and the parents of their students to start a movement to make Singapore more autism-friendly. By God’s grace, that initiative took root and eventually evolved from the ‘Reach-Me Project’ into a charity, and eventually a school for students with autism. Thank you, Catherine and Mary for being the spark which, with the support of many who believe in the cause, has provided the fire that warms many hearts of people affected by autism today.”

Boy aged 10 years

“Bridges rocks!”

Boy aged 12 years

“I was part of Bridges for 5 years and there was always something new in every lesson.”

Lilian Loke

“My son used Bridges from the age of 2.5 until he was 12. He is now 19 and is independent and able to manage his own life. Mary and Catherine have made a big difference in my son’s life. Without them, I would probably still be struggling with what to do. If your child needs intervention, do not hesitate – Mary and Catherine are gems in helping children with special needs.”

Specialist Teacher, National Autistic Society Academy UK

“My class has made amazing progress with Bridges. We’ve adapted the materials a bit for whole class teaching but we see the children’s progress on the playground all the time, so thank you.”

Richard Mills

Research Director, Research Autism, UK

“I have known Catherine and her work for many years. She is an exceptional practitioner who really understands the need to see the world from the viewpoint of the child. This underpins her approach and is one of the reasons she is so successful.”

Parent (Son)

“Simply put, I think Bridges is the best, most thoughtful, well-organized professional special needs help organization we have encountered so far. Many, many thanks for the great work you two do, we will always be a huge fan of you both.”

Girl aged 10 years

“Bridges has taught me what to look out for in myself and in my friends.”


“We are loving the Bridges programme!”

Speech and Language Pathologist, Australia

“Both myself and my student are really enjoying Bridges. I can see that he is benefitting from the sequential structure of the programme and the interactive activities have been very engaging for him. As the therapist, I find the program easy to navigate and it’s great to have the resources all there, ready to go.”

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, UK

“I was so impressed by what you have achieved – I felt like we were glimpsing the future of education for young people with ASD. I’m very glad to be working in two schools that are using it. I will definitely be recommending it to another school I work in.”

Parent (Daughter)

“We are so proud of our daughter. She has certainly found her identity and individuality and is now confident in her own skin.”

Helen Chandler-Yeo

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Singapore

“As a paediatric SLT, I have worked with both Mary and Catherine over the years. In referring clients to Bridges, I was consistently confident of their integrity in designing focused and accessible group-learning sessions. Their motivation has always been to provide the most effective services for a child, never compromising for convenience or profit. I am delighted that Mary and Catherine will be able to share their specialist experience and learning resources with an even wider community.”

Suzanna Lim

“Mary and Catherine are very lovely people to work with – they have such a big heart for the kids and understand them so well. They’ve helped me in my counselling work, not only to understand and communicate with children with ASD, but also how to impart social understanding to those who need help in this area. I certainly will recommend this programme to all parents and therapists who desire to help kids with ASD to develop their full potential, step by step!”